Sydinvest EM Business Philosophy

  • Danish Heritage
    Denmark is one of the World’s 10 remaining S&P AAA rated countries with stable outlook.
    Sydinvest EM is an institutional UCITS fund offering managed by Sydbank A/S. Denmark’s 4th largest bank.
    Sydinvest EM is operated by Syd Fund Management from Aabenraa in Southern Denmark and we our business upon the core values of strong investment skills, close client relations and long-term partnership values.
  • Independent & Focused
    Sydbank Asset Management (SAM) is the dedicated investment advisor to Sydinvest EM.
    Our investment strategies are offered across a number of EM debt asset classes and in blended products.
    We employ highly skilled and experienced portfolio teams who operate with high degrees of autonomy to invest.
    We ensure focus are kept upon investments and leverage off the Sydbank Group Services to ensure ongoing mandate compliance, flexible execution platforms and top-tier client services.
  • Fit for Purpose
    Sydinvest EM believe in lean organizational resources and structures to fit each task purpose. Our teams are equipped with sophisticated proprietary systems as well as third party operational services engines to ensure a high degree of automated processes and efficient client reporting. 
  • Client Focused
    Our Clients are our partners. We build strong relationships that last for the long term. Our ambition is to deliver high quality in returns. In addition, we offer top-tier services and flexibility in research, reporting as well as full data transparency for insurance and pensions investors.
  • Highly Competitive
    Sydinvest EM offer investment in EM Debt at very competitive prices relative to peers.
    We strongly believe that true quality can come at reasonable prices and that we serve our client’s interests best through long term relationships rather than going for short term revenue gains.